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richar heller
Alan Claymore shares his life’s journey through abuse, beginning with parents who will not pick him up as an infant. In boyhood young Alan discovers that his dog Curry is his teacher, and finds emotional refuge in the five thousand wild acres of Los Angeles’ Griffith Park and with its montage of inhabitants. Alan mimes his way through school without completing elementary school, junior high or high school. At sixteen, he leaves home with Curry, never to return..

The Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave Desert, and a Hollywood Hills’ cottage bring Alan into adulthood, and eventually his painful childhood is painted over by self-confidence. He finds a career in corrective horseshoeing as well as teaching horseback riding. Marriage, then fatherhood follow. It is in the spaces between dating and marriage, being a farrier and father that his sad, sometimes hilarious journey shapes Alan into a spiritual, philosophical, occasionally humble man.

Alan finally finds love through horses, dogs, forge-work, sculpting, and writing. Ultimately a voyage to Scotland, the land of his ancestors, awakens deep truths in him. There, Alan quietly embraces his life and finds a deeper sense of self.